The Baby Box Project
Giving gifts of hope to new moms

About Us

Our aim is to provide hope to vulnerable new mothers, by giving them a box filled with basic necessities for a new born baby.

Many of the women are desperately poor and live in squatter camps, often without a partner or support structure.

The high incidence of abandoned babies in Gauteng is evidence of how many mothers feel totally overwhelmed and hopeless themselves.

 Our initial roll out is to the mothers giving birth in the Rahima Moosa mother and child hospital (Coronation hospital), where approximately 900 babies are born per month. The hospital staff and social workers help us to identify the poorest and most destitute mothers. We are working alongside Impact Africa, who run a baby rescue facility in the heart of Diepsloot, and are able to provide further support besides their weekly ministry at the hospital.





Founder: Lena Clark

 Board Members:

Lena Clark

Sheelagh Lazarus

Andy Ndaba

Robyn Clark Rajab


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